Monday, 31 March 2014

Discovery of the week

POP! Crunch, crunch, crunch. 

My most recent discovery is a type of food. A type of crisp for that matter. Introducing Walkers Pops! I have to confess that I am a big crisp eater. I could literally eat them all the time, but they're really not that good for you so I have to reign in the love. Whenever I see new types of crisps I make it my business to try them out, just for testing purposes you understand. I love it when they claim to make them more healthy too, yep they may be baked instead of fried, and they might be this and they might be that, but they're still salty goodness which is really not good and should be called salty badness if it didn't taste so bloomin' delicious! 

So Walker's Pops. They're crunchy. They're salty. They're pop-py. They are mighty good. I'd been trying to keep all the tastiness to myself but ended up introducing Wavey to them too. Pah, you mean I have to share now? Boo. Luckily they were on special offer at my online shop so oops, we have two big packs now. Heehee. 

If you're a crisp fan I would highly recommend trying them out as they are very tasty indeed. If you're not a crisp fan why are you reading my blog? Strange person... *wink* 

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