Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ready, steady, turn the oven on

Tonight I ate a ready meal. It's probably the first ready meal I have eaten in years - in this house we are all about making from scratch with lovely tasty ingredients. As ready meals go I don't think it was one of the best, it wasn't labelled as fine or luxury, it cost less than £2, and it was a heat from frozen job. After waiting for 50 minutes this was the end result:

My first reaction was to wonder where the rest of it was. Look at that portion! Even a baby would turn up their nose at the size of it (possibly a slight exaggeration). My second thought was that there was a serious flaw in the cooking instructions as most of my noodles were in a sloppy mess stuck to the bottom of the baking dish. The two pieces of pepper could actually have been sucked rather than chewed - where was the crunch? Oh yes, that was in the noodles that had got stuck to the side of the baking dish. Hmmmmm. 

My verdict overall of this particular meal would be disappointing. I suppose I maybe shouldn't have had high expectations but I thought it would be okay. I'm really hungry again now so it didn't fill me up. And I'm incredibly thirsty, probably way too much salt in it. I reckon the supermarkets seriously need to up their game and make improvements to this type of meal. I definitely wouldn't buy one again - for starters I could have made that meal myself in about half the time it took to warm up! Someone pass me my pans...

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