Thursday, 13 March 2014

Hissing Sid has captured toad!

When my sister and I were little people my parents bought us what now seems like the most impossibly random 7" single ever known to man: Captain Beaky and his Band. Basically it's the actor Keith Michell reading along to music, the most catchy music ever - it's completely odd, definitely bonkers, but it STILL brings back such happy memories of chanting along as we somehow knew all the words. Even now I still know some of the words, as Wavey and I discovered last night when we searched for it last night. I can't even remember why we were talking about it, or why we started singing the words, but I do remember leaping up to search for it so we could listen again. And so here it is:


Do any of you remember it too? Or do I have to stand alone as the one with the odd parents...? 

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