Monday, 10 March 2014

Bon weekend

This was the first weekend in as long as I can remember that we had no plans. We had no-one staying with us. The whole weekend stretched out ahead of us in a delicious manner. And it was so nice. Nothing exciting happened, we didn't go anywhere fancy, or do anything special, we just pottered about the house - oh I love to potter so - and the weekend flew by. We went to theatre, we played in the garden, Wavey tidied his man-shed, I potted some seeds to start the crop, we went out for Sunday breakfast, we watched television, we ironed, we carried on "neutralising" the house for when we put it up for sale soon ... 

I took some photos, with no real intention of documenting the weekend which is why they are completely and utterly random, but here for your enjoyment anyway. Let me present my feet, our very tidy utility room, a very smart landing, and a rainbow.


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