Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What would you do?

Another day, another couple of job applications, and the obligatory "we are sorry but you have not passed our online test" messages. These tests are crazy. They always throw in this question that basically translates to would you go and sprag on one of your fellow workmates if they weren't working their arses off for [insert company name here]. Now I don't know about you but one thing I have never been, and never will be, is a big fat spragger. What sort of person are you if you run straight to your manager everytime someone does something like, utter horror, dare to have a conversation if the [insert company type here] is not busy? I'm happy to pretend that I like to follow procedures instead of desperately wanting to break with convention and trash all the rules, but I can't, I just can't, bring myself to answer this will you sprag question any other way. Even though I am beginning to believe it prevents me proceeding further in the application. But say I was to lie and agree that I would sprag; if that situation then came up they would expect that kind of behaviour from me and it just won't happen. 


Frustrated doesn't even cover it! This type of recruitment is just so so so stupid and I don't see how it can possibly help any company recruit someone worthwhile. In fact, I know that often it turns around and bites them on the arse as the daily job bulletin I get via email often advertises the same jobs over and over again as no-one has passed their ridiculous online recruitment method. PFFFFFFFFFFFF! Sort out your nonsense recruitment type people! 

*takes deep breath to pause and reboot*

In other news, I am beyond thrilled that one of my favourite bands of all time are dipping their toes back into the music biz. I could only find this little teaser trailer for their new album but if you like what you hear, I urge you to buy. You won't be disappointed.  Oh and don't let the beginning of the video stop you as it crackles into life, I think they did it on purpose...

Welcome back old friends. Placebo, you rock my world:

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