Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Week 4-itis

What is it about week 4? I seem to remember this from last semester too. All of a sudden it seems like there is just so much to do and I may never ever get around to it. But then I spend a couple of hours sitting in front of the laptop and I hammer away at it and realise that it will be ok. There's no need to panic and that overwhelming sense of being overwhelmed - be gone! 

It's all the bloody reflection you know. For every module that I am doing this year I am working in groups which has its own nightmares, and we have to include reflective pieces that are worth a big chunk of our final mark. The thing about reflection is that you have to do it as you're going along, you really can't try and play catch up at the end as it's impossible to remember everything. I'm pretty good at writing up what I think one week and then the next I might forget. This time I'm determined to stay on top of it. I've just typed up some thoughts and reflection and looking to the future for the Prince 2 module and now I'm going to move on to research and development. This way, I hope, when it comes to writing the final piece I'll have all these chunks as a head start. That's the plan anyway. 

I'm going to a careers fair next week. The thought of real work now is odd, how will it be? Will it be easier than trying to find work in a shop (blimey I really hope so!) It's quite exciting. But also a bit nervous nelly. The future really is out there! But for now I should concentrate on week 4 and reflect my ass off. So long, then. 

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