Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A moment of reason

It suddenly occurred to me at the weekend that I should stop whining. Yes it has been incredibly frustrating that I've been unable to find a job, yes the application process is a load of old nonsense, and yes having a much smaller budget is not that great, but none of these things equal end of the world. Stop the drama, I want to get off. Just like that I made the decision that I would simply stop it all. Stop applying for jobs that I know I won't get, stop putting myself through the inevitable rejection, cease and desist. It was like suddenly my head finally accepted it just wasn't to be and that was a good feeling!

Three weeks into the course and with deadlines stacking up around my ears I now believe that this was perhaps serendipity at work. There has been a timetable change which means we are in for an extra day, if I had have found a job I might have already started working that day and would have had to approach them with the news that I would have to change days which would probably not have gone down well. 

I found out today that not only do we need to produce a gazillion documents for our PRINCE2 module, but we also have to design the product - hello panic, welcome to the party. 

Three large items of work have to be handed in at the same time, on the same day, and that is in about three weeks.  None of them are even remotely started.

Oh and I'm supposed to be coming up with some zowie wowie idea for my final project that is new but has enough information out there in the big wide world to be able to write an academic paper for a conference or journal and a presentation in front of a conference board. 

My head may shortly implode. 

And so in a total reversal I would like to say thank you. Thank you to all those shops, bars, and restaurants who have rejected me over the past few months. You may well have saved my bacon/sanity. 

I have to sign off now and pretend that I know what I'm writing for a Project Brief...   

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