Friday, 25 October 2013

Film week (small screen)

It's been a bit of a nothing kind of week here. Wavey has been away and I ended up with a rotten sinus infection that made me dizzy and felt like my nose was going to explode off my face. Just thought I'd share that with you. So I spent a lot of time on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and watching films. Also because I am kind, I'm going to share my thoughts on these films so that you can of course rush out and watch them. 

I've had this one on the box for almost a year but I kept putting it off as everyone told me I would bawl my eyes out, and you kind of have to be in the right mood to handle that. So when better to choose when you're feeling ill and a bit sorry for yourself?! As with all Pixar films I loved it! I defy anyone to not shed a little tear to be honest, the love just seemed so big and real. As with all Pixar the animation was excellent and the colours were fabulous. The story was a little sad but by the end you have a warm fuzzy feeling that all is right with the world. I think my favourite character was definitely Dog. He was awesome. Definitely recommend, but bring a little hankie for your little tears. 

Celeste and Jesse Forever
I know I am very late to the party here but Wavey and I have just discovered Netflix. We can have two accounts which means he can watch when he is away in strange foreign lands rather than trying to translate badly dubbed local tv. This is however not an advert for Netflix, moving on. This film came to my local arthouse cinema but I missed it and was a bit gutted as it sounded right up my street. Plus I firmly believe that Rashida Jones is just the coolest, ever. This dates back to when I saw her in NY:LON which is possibly one of the finest programmes I have ever watched and I am so going off tangent. Back to the film! Celeste and Jesse used to be married, but then they split up but stayed best friends and all their other friends thought they were totally weird and should never have split up in the first place. Other stuff happens, Emma Roberts plays a rock star who looks a bit like Avril Lavigne, more stuff happens, the end. I really liked this film, it was thoughtful and thought provoking and stays with you after you've watched it which is exactly how I like my films. Don't watch it if you like super happy endings. Just warning you. 

The Joneses
I had literally never heard of this film which surprised me as Demi Moore and David Duchovny are hardly small time names. Anyone else? You heard of it? The premise of the film is that Demi, David, and two shiny teenagers move into suburban America with the sole target of increasing sales, and they do this by having all this stuff and talking about all this stuff and essentially selling it all to their neighbours via parties and showing off. Their aim is to reach Icon Status as sellers and this will please boss lady Lauren Hutton. Sounds weird but again it was actually pretty good whilst being a bit scary and eep-y all at the same time as it started to make me wonder whether this kind of shit really happens. Then again I have never lived in suburban America and my only experience is from the tv where they make these Stepford people look like freaks who all dress the same - basically my perception is based entirely on fiction. I can't imagine my neighbour with her freaking giant dogs and squawky birds is actually trying to make me buy into her zoo, but hey, you never know, it could happen. So another recommendation. To be honest, I try to avoid seeing films that I don't really like as that doesn't make much sense...

The Adjustment Bureau
I like Matt Damon and I kind of like Emily Blunt but I didn't really get these two as a couple at all, there was definitely some major chemistry missing. Maybe it's because I sometimes think that Emily Blunt acts like she has a stick up her arse she is so stiff and British. But without the chemistry that this story so badly needed it really was just a bit blah. It's a bit of a spooky idea and I wasn't too surprised to see that it was based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, and with two other actors it might have been cracking but as I say, bit blah, bit disappointing. I'm glad that I recorded it from the tv rather than paying money to see it at the cinema. 

So there you have it. Film review week. Move over Barry Norman (ah, does anyone remember him before the annoying Winkelman woman took over the BBC Film [insert year] programme?) Bet you can't wait for the next installment... 

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