Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hold up!

Yesterday my little village was like something out of a teevee show! The petrol station just down the road from our house was held up! At gun point! And then the baddies drove off so a high speed car chase took place around these mean streets! And I was completely oblivious to it all until by the power of social media I learned this sorry saga was happening right outside. I remember thinking there were a lot of police cars and ambulances flying around, but living on the main road like we do, this is not really that unusual. In fact I think I worry when I can't hear sirens these days. But blummin' heck! Serious stuff. 

Who knows if the social media power was exaggerated but apparently the baddies had either a) machine guns or b) sawn off shot guns (select a or b depending on your need for drama I think, though let's face it, both qualify in that category!) And then one of them got caught in the high speed chase whilst the other one got away. I've not been back to check for the latest social media update but there was a lot of police helicopter going on last night so I suspect the net was closing in on the rogue villain. 

I don't kid myself that I live in a dream place but I think it's fair to say that very few people actually imagine this kind of violence metres from their door! It's actually pretty scary. I went out to move the car last night and I did a lot of looking around and checking behind me before I went anywhere (very overactive imagination to blame). And the people in that petrol station are always so nice too, I hope no-one was hurt in all the drama. I feel the whole thing is worthy of a big DOUBLE EEP!  

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