Thursday, 3 October 2013

Unexpected moments

1. Thank goodness for exchanging mobile numbers with friends on my course. Without this I would never have known that our first lecture of the new year was actually yesterday and not Monday as I have been told by several people who clearly don't know what they're talking about! I really didn't expect to feel such joy at being back. It was lovely to see everyone again after such a long break away, hugs and hand shakes and how was your summer questions. I'll probably change my mind soon but it was even joyous to be in the learning environment again.

2. I literally ran into heaps of people! Every which way I turned there were people that I hadn't seen in months who wanted to say hello and catch up. More hugs, not as many handshakes. I even ran into my old journals colleague in her new work location and it might have been at least a year since I had seen her. Barmy!

3. The meeting of the new people. Via the power of the volunteer I am meeting so many more new people, this time it was Oxjam (happening next Saturday!) I spent a fab afternoon with these new people, getting to know each other, finding out a lot of information about cold war bunkers (history buffs!), and generally mucho laughter and more joy that like minded people exist out there who are beyond keen to do and be part of things and stuff! The plans we made! Who knows if any of it will come off but it gives me hope for when I finish my course that the kind of work I want to do is out there, here in this area (sigh of relief)

4. Suddenly becoming picky on the job front. Who am I kidding that I will do any job? The old biddy in me who likes to be tucked up in bed by 10pm is definitely not feeling the idea of working late into the night for a few meagre pennies. Today I've just applied to be a weekend receptionist in a car dealership, and rejected the food and beverage host in a casino and hotel. I read an article the other day that said you should be smart about your job hunt and not just apply for any old thing. I admit to almost total desperation during the summer months but as we head into Autumn and I'm back at uni it suddenly doesn't seem so vital that I apply for anything and everything. 

5. Chasing workmen. I am genuinely baffled when you organise for someone to come and do some work, why they then don't turn up at the agreed time and I'm already thinking I'm going to have to make another uncomfortable call asking if they are coming or not. What is this confusion? Do you not want my money? The guy today has been like this throughout and it's starting to annoy me a smidge. Why is it so hard to find a good reliable tradesman these days? Sheesh and ohmygod how old do I sound?! 

6. My final moment is tied in with something that I'm not making a huge deal about but basically I'm trying to lose weight. Quite a lot of weight actually. I'm approaching it in an entirely sensible manner and am really upping my exercise more than anything. So far I've lost 9 pounds. The weight loss and exercise combined means there could be lots of unexpected moments as clothes that were maybe a bit on the tight side suddenly fit perfectly or are even a bit on the loose side. This happened yesterday with my funky red jeans that I bought ages ago. I was very happy to strut my stuff in them. Let's have a whoooop for that I reckon!  

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