Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dashed. Running. Splat.

Right now is such a strange time. I always knew it was going to be strange. I don't think you can walk away from something after twelve years into something totally and utterly different and not expect to feel a bit funny, odd, weird, call it what you will. The first few months flew by with nerves, excitement, anticipation, heaps of work, and relief that I was free from the place that had literally dragged me down. Then came summer with its extreme high at finding a job before crash and burn as the job came to an epic fail close. The long summer months were tough, not being able to find a job, the endless rejection emails, the constant battering of my confidence levels. And now the return phase. Highs, lows, crash, burn, dash, splat, this battering is still going on. 

Take yesterday for example. After much frustration and despair I finally managed to find a roof guy to come and do our work. He could start right there and then, he was a nice guy, I trusted what he was saying. The job was finished really quickly (alarm bells start to ding quietly in the background) and I felt good. Yay! And I was loving my outfit that I was wearing so I thought I would take some photos for the blog. 

(Small detail to pay attention to: it starts to rain. Like really rain. HUGE rain)

Here are my outfit photos:

It was as I was messing about with the camera upstairs that I took a look at the wall. This was the wall that had been causing us the problem, hence the need for the roof work. My heart started to sink (alarm bells are no longer merely dinging but close to full on clanging), the rain water that should have been outside seemed to be inside. Running down the wall. 

Oh what a surprise. Another epic fail. Whatever the roof guy had done clearly had not made improvements. Straightaway I'm on the phone to him. Oh I can come back tomorrow he tried to say. Or you can come back today was my very polite but firm response. 

(Takes a further look at the wall that is now seeping. Alarm bells might as well have whacked me on the head)

So he came back. He made some adjustments to his previous work. I tried not to spend the rest of the night watching the wall as the rain poured down outside. Thankfully it ceased to come inside which is some relief. I'm not entirely convinced that I want to be responsible for any further work to the house arrangements but I'm sure I'll get over it. 

That was yesterday then. Glad it's over. 

(Heads upstairs to make yet another check on the wall)

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