Monday, 20 May 2013

Sofa Power

I think it's fair to say I am in crunch time. I have 8 days, well 7 really as today is passing by, to complete 2 in-tray tasks that both need a business report and a spread sheet model, a 20 minute presentation on IT Governance, and a learning journal weighted at 30% of the mark. Bypassing the urge to seriously hyperventilate I am approaching this in a methodical manner: research one day, write it up the next. I've started the presentation and the learning journal just needs some is do-able but the stress might do me in! 

Me and stress are not good friends, actually I don't know anyone who likes the guy to be honest. He makes me weary and dizzy, I'm always starving as I think the adrenaline burns up everything I eat, let's face it, stress is an arse. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, why wasn't I more organised? Good question but pointless asking it now. It is what it is and I have to get it done.

I've just taken some quality sofa time. Put the kitchen timer on for 15 minutes, sank into the battered old sofa, closed my eyes and chilled out, bliss! I may make this part of my new strategy. I feel slightly restored. Hunger is calling yet again, an apple this time I think, I'm trying to keep the endless eating as healthy as possible or I'll be a wreck and fat by the time I'm done! 

My last deadline day is 9th June. I can't wait. I promise myself that next time I'll be more organised but I'm pretty sure I won't be. This student-ing is harder than people think! My brain never worked this much at work, no wonder I'm always knackered! Anyway enough moaning, back to the books for me. 

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