Thursday, 30 May 2013


Yesterday was not a good day. I was miserable, I was doubting myself, my self-confidence was having a bit of a wallow, all in all by the time Wavey got home last night I had essentially convinced myself that I am going to fail the risk management module. Last night after tea we sat down together to try to figure it all out. As he was reading and chuntering and even occasionally swearing I was taking some warped satisfaction that finally someone else was going to figure out what a load of old b******cks it is and that I wasn't just being over dramatic. It really is bloody hard! 

However because he is also a man who never gives up he was determined that we were going to get it sorted and make a good start on the assignment. We took my basic pencil and many rubbings out network diagram (part 1 of part 1) and put it into the fancy dancy computer programme. And guess what? My thrown together and rubbed out many times network was actually right! Go figure. Maybe I do know what I'm doing here. Well maybe only a little bit. Teensy in fact. But enough to see that I was taking the right direction and maybe, possibly, I might not fail. Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping to barely scrape a pass. Anything higher than that will be bloomin marvellous and let's pray for nothing lower or I might have to try and do it all over again (nooooooooo!). 

As it stands right now I have ticked part 1 of part 1 off. Only 5 more ticks to go and then this one is done...only! I've only got to pretend I know what I'm talking about when I 'critically' discuss Monte Carlo Simulation and uniform distribution, oh and throw in some sensitivity analysis for good measure (yikes). As I said, barely scraping a pass is my one aim here. 

So I guess this post is a long way round of saying yep, reassurance is just the best. Especially when it's accompanied with reassuring hugs. And chocolate biscuits. Mmmm, chocolate biscuits are always good. 

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