Thursday, 23 May 2013

Free music!

I love love love music! I never understand these people who say they just have it on as background or they don't really bother much with it at all *shocked wide eyes* say what?! You know what else I love? Free stuff. Combine those two words: free and music and what you have is magic. 

A few weeks ago I took part in a survey for Channel 4. All I had to do everyday for a month was follow a few simple steps on an app and at the end of the month, just for being good and taking a few minutes out of my day, they gave me £25 in vouchers! Woooop! I've just used those vouchers to go on a total music fest, cos you might not be able to buy stuff when you're a poor student but if that stuff is free then who can complain. 

Palma Violets!
Veronica Falls!

Add to basket. Click clickety click, thank you very much. Then, just when you think it really can't get any better, I joined the mailing list of my new favourite boys, The Strypes, and they gave me a free download too. Yippeee! I have to go now and blast out all my new favourite music. Free favourite music. Yip yip and a woooo for good measure. Oh before I go, if any of you are looking for some new music I would highly recommend all of the above...although I think that's kind of obvious. 

Later alligators. 

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