Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New-y new-ness

When I worked in the library I had loads of interviews, a couple of them were successful but the majority of them were hideous. I could never just be myself, I had to put on this face and pretend that I knew about strategy (usually badly!)  and KPIs and all sorts of other bizarre stuff. It was hardly surprising looking back that I was always unsuccessful. 

Since leaving the library I've now had two interviews. One was more of a meeting and was over lunch which I didn't have to pay for. Out of that I have this amazing volunteering opportunity which will help boost my experience portfolio and enhance my CV. Today I had an interview where I got a free cup of yummy tea of the week (passion fruit, black tea, deelish) and party rings and coconut bites. I answered the four scenarios that were posed to me and the rest if the time we talked about nice stuff like growing vegetables and baking cakes and doing up houses. It was so nice that at the end my interviewer hugged me! I don't know the outcome of that one yet (keeping my fingers crossed though) but it is so so so brilliant to be able to just be myself and for the interviewer to be interested in me for that very reason. No strategy, no bullshizz, just a lovely chat to find out a bit more and maybe make sure that you are presentable and will be a good face for their business. 

I have another interview tomorrow and one next week. I'm hoping there might be a cup of tea again but it will be okay if there isn't, all this practice is so good for me for when I face the big wide world of permanent and salaried jobs again. For now though I am embracing the chance to be myself, wear less formal clothing, and enjoy the feeling that it might, I might, actually be what people are looking for. Fingers crossed! 

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