Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Have a word

I'm having a word with myself. A serious word. I've got one more set of assignments left to do and then I'm all finished for the term. I get my life back, I get to have some fun, I get to sit anywhere in the house other than at this end of the table in front of the laptop. But I just can't get motivated. My assignments are for the Risk Management module and this baby has been my bug-bear the whole way through. It's been full of formulas and statistics and mind bending number crunching that has seriously challenged my not good at maths brain and has more often than not left me in total head mash status. And so I feel like whining about it. If you'll be so kind to indulge my brief whine I'd be most appreciative. 

The assignment is in 3 parts. The first part contains 6 elements including drawing a network diagram from numbers that are not immediately apparent and talking about risk methodologies and sensitivity analysis and changing distributions. I've decided to leave that mutha until last as just reading those 6 questions brings me out in a nervous rash. The second part seems like a basic question but is phrased quite badly and despite asking for confirmation I'm still not entirely certain what I'm supposed to be doing. The third part is the bit I'm tackling now. I've done my spread sheet queen business and am pleased that the formulas and stuff actually worked, but now I have to write about different distributions like triangle and normal and then create a cumulative distribution curve...this shit just goes on and on! And all the while I can't help but think about conversations I've had with people who work out there in the real world that their risk management is basically a pretty chart with red for the danger zone, address those risks first, and everything else get to later on. Why do I need to do all this maths?! 

The guy who is leading the module has a brain the size of the whole world. I literally believe that. He genuinely can't get his head round people who can't just reel this stuff off as if they were talking about their favourite breakfast cereal. I wish I had his brain right about now. But instead I have mine. Which is clearly demonstrating resistance to this stuff. Hence the need for the word. The serious word(s). Those words are: STOP WHINING LADY! And with that I'm taking my feeling sorry for myself-self and getting back to the books. I'll see you on the other side...

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