Friday, 10 May 2013


Somehow Wavey and I are taking care of a 9 month old Rotweiler puppy. Since she arrived on Sunday it has been bonkers crazy in our normally calm and peaceful house. No more can we just chill out of an evening, instead from the moment we walk in the house to be greeted by this huge creature jumping up and licking us to death to the moment that it's finally bed time it's constant watching and making sure she's not doing anything she shouldn't, or eating anything ( yesterday she ate string, moss, one tiny oat crumb from a cereal bar I was eating, and she obviously found some tasty treats down the side of the sofa as she had her snout stuck in there for ages ). Everything we wear is stained with dog saliva, she's licked everything in the house so her smell lingers everywhere and don't even get me started on other smells and lack of house training...stressful doesn't even cover it! 

On Monday Wavey got his first glimpse of Dizz angry, like really angry! It takes a whole LOT to wind me up but this dopey pup managed to do just that. After a day of feeling sick and being constantly angry we took a moment to say woah, this isn't getting us anywhere, she's here, she's going to do stuff, let's just deal. Since then there's less of the anger but blimey she's hard work! Much harder than children. At least you can take kids everywhere with you but the same cannot be said for puppies. 

One of the things that is making us laugh the most in a kind of I can't believe this is who we have become situation is our conversation about her bathroom habits. How has this become normal?! Since she's arrived we don't seem to have had a normal conversation, and our poor neighbours must be so sick of hearing me shout her name followed by NO! Right now she's stretched out in the sun and it's hard to believe she's any bother as she snores gently but don't be fooled! Any minute now she'll be up again wanting to play with her soggy tuggy toy that nearly breaks your arm, she is very strong!

How do people do this? It's exhausting! Parenthood definitely ain't all it's cracked up to be. 

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