Sunday, 1 April 2012

You say tomay-to, I say tom-arto

It's hard to believe from all the recipe books I have that I've never before had an American one. And it's challenging me. I'm all down with measuring things in cups, but when the recipe calls for strange things like garbanzo beans I'm totally stumped. One google search later and I find out this actually means chickpeas. And today I had to add cornstarch which we call cornflour. There is a little glossary in the back but the author missed out the garbanzo beans translation, perhaps she thought that was the name everywhere? 

For all the confusing terms though there are some really yummy recipes in there. Tonight we had cherry tomato and feta cheese clafoutis with a lovely colourful salad. Essentially it was a french version of a quiche but without the pie crust. It was very very tasty and made even better by sprinkling with herbs out of our garden. Followed by rhubarb crumble and custard made with rhubarb from the garden. Yummo! 

Oh how I love food. I could talk about it all day long...

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