Monday, 9 April 2012

Weekend variety show

It's been a fabby long Easter weekend. We've frankly been incredibly lazy, not at all the usual weekend of doing house jobs, garden jobs, pottering around inside the house jobs - total laziness rules. Long sleeps in, breakfast in bed every morning, lots of lounging around, lots of family and friends visiting, pretty damned brilliant all round really. 

With laziness comes lots of television, films, and books. In no particular order this is what has been playing in the big flatscreen in the corner:

Brighton Rock
The updated version with Helen Mirren and John Hurt. This is one of my favourite books and the original film version with Richard Attenborough as Pinkie is up there as one of the finest ever so I was a bit nervous about this but it was pretty good. Mods! Rockers! Flick-knives! Threatening mobs! What more do you need from a weekend movie?!

The September Issue
I planned to watch this on my own as was pretty sure that Wavey wouldn't like it, it being fashion and all. Initial mockery was soon replaced with complete and utter interest and we were both thoroughly absorbed. Such an interesting film. And to see Anna Wintour smile and laugh was a bit of a shocker! I'm sure we enjoyed it for different reasons but an all round winner. 

Vicky Christina Barcelona
Second viewing of this and still loved it. Gorgeous scenery, beautiful sunny skies, beautiful people, Penelope Cruz being utterly bonkers, full of sass and hilarious. And definitely want to go to Barcelona now. 

On the tv:
Much of the usual that we have going on, a whole lot of series recorded, we're forever catching up. Watched the first of season 3 Made in Chelsea, still awful, still cringe-y, still hi-bloomin-larious. Keep it coming! Watched the last in the series of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, pretty much the same as above, awful, cringe-y, hi-larious, and a wee bit eeek-ey. Not my choice but Easter is a huge footy weekend so we must have watched Match of the Day at least 70 times...

Book-wise I'm still reading Warm Bodies which is about a zombie in love with a real live person. Don't mock it til you've tried it, it's a really good book!

In other news we finally got around to sorting out our cds and admitted that we didn't listen to a massive pile of them. We've sold them on a website and made £28! Which is not too shabby and will go straight into the holiday saving fund, wooooo! A whole other heap are going to the charidee shop, and the ones we have left now fill 2 biggish drawers and have actually been put in A-Z order. I know, I know, I shake my own head at the geekiness of it but I tell you, since we've done that the stereo has been on constantly as you know where to find stuff straight away! 

Weekends are truly the best! Next weekend I'm off up to Scotland with Fizz so stay tuned for the tales :D  

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