Saturday, 21 April 2012

Parking rage

Today I broke the law. I pulled up and stopped on a double yellow line for approximately 2 minutes whilst I waited for Wavey who had run into the post office. I know it's not big, it's not clever, and it's definitely not legal, but in my defence m'lud so many people do it all the time and nothing ever happens to them. Typically I got caught by a traffic warden. So unfair! I am such a law abiding person but the one time I decide to take a chance I got caught. To add shame to misery, I shouted at the traffic warden. Well, when I say shouted, I might have commented in an angry manner through the closed windows that I was just waiting for someone and would of course move on quickly. Two times round the block and still no sign of Wavey, I ended up turning round and parking exactly where I'd started from at home. Should have just stayed there in the blimmin' first place! 

That traffic warden must have thought all his Christmas-es had come at once as he walked from my car to some other poor person who'd just pulled up ever so quickly and started pointing and shouting at them too. 

I walked up to meet Wavey to explain and what should I see but two cars parked on exactly the same bloody yellow lines I'd been parked on! And where was the evil traffic warden? Nowhere to be seen! Well actually he was further down the road waiting to catch yet another person out who'd parked on some different double yellow lines. 

Today's lessons:
1. Do not park on double yellow lines, even if only for 2 minutes as you will get caught out
2. It's not at all big and clever to shout at people in authority even through closed windows
3. Parking rage is the new road rage

*hangs head in total and utter shame*

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