Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy spa-day!

I love it when Monday is not just another dull back to work day. Today was Spa-Day! I picked T up from the station at 9.30 in the a.m and our pampering began! First up we picked up fluffy robes and slippers which were so fluffy and soft and warm - lushness! Next up we headed into the spa for our treatments. Lucky we're good friends as we were both in the same room, she for the massage and me for the facial. My very first ever facial at age 37, I feel so proud. 

I didn't really know what to expect at all and I'm pleased to report that it was absolutely lovely. There was lots of lotions and potions and trust me when I say that I am a serious lotions and potions gal. It's a shame I had my eyes closed for most of it as I would have loved to have seen what she was using with each mysterious layer of lushness that was massaged into my face. I was a little bit alarmed the first time my eyes were covered first of all with cooling pads of some description and then something laid over the top of that too but I soon relaxed and realised it was all part of the process. By the end my face was tingling and even now, hours later, it still feels so soft *big sigh*

From the treatment room and our refreshing glass of water we headed up to the relaxation room where there were these massive stone beds that were heated. Oh. My. Word. I want one! They're pretty big but I'm sure we could find somewhere to put was absolute heaven, laid out, drinking water and munching on fruit, and reading books, occasionally chatting but mainly chilling on our lovely warm stone beds. 

We finally dragged ourselves away from there to hit the pool. I did a few lengths backwards and forwards before getting bored and a wee bit out of puff but T is like the Duracell bunny, she just kept on going and going and going...long before she came out I was lazing around in the jacuzzi pool. From there we went to the sauna, another first for me, phew it was HOT in there! Like eeep I'm not quite sure I'm breathing right in here hot but it was also nice. Maybe one I wouldn't rush back in for though. Bit more swimming, more jacuzzi time, then wrinkly of skin and contented we headed to the cafe to get some lunch. We munched on yummy Moroccan chicken with rice and healthy long cold drinks. All in all, a most lovely day was had. 

Pampered pooches 'r' us :D 

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