Monday, 2 April 2012

This is an emergency...

Our boiler has broken. The day before the weather is supposed to turn back to freezing. An engineer came out to look at it today and it turns out our boiler is "at risk" due to some dodgy pipework that points in the wrong direction, oo-er missus. Oh and it's so old and the engineer was so concerned he rang the company to check that it didn't contain asbestos. As you do. Yikes, cripes and an eek and eep for good measure. So basically we're in limbo land. They won't do a permanent fix until the dodgy pipes (oo-er missus, you know the drill) are fixed, there's a leak inside of it which is causing the water to drip onto the electrical circuit which is what's causing all the electrics in the house to trip everytime the boiler starts...add to that the nightmare complication of who has time off when in order to be here for the engineer to come out...all in all, it sucks. Bad timing. The boiler broke the day after I moved in originally and we had no heating for days. Is it me? Am I the jinx? Or is our ancient, possibly needing to be condemned boiler to blame? Why do we have to have a boiler emergency right now? 

I tells ya, 2012 sucks arse so far. If it's not one thing it's something else entirely. I feel like we take one step forward and about 27 back. Or to use my ma's analogy, we keep on falling waaaaaaay down the biggest snake on the board of Snakes and Ladders. I think it's about time we were due a break. I don't know how I expect this to come about, but I do, and soonish rather than laterish please. Come on 2012, show me that you're better than this! Show me the non-arse, show it to me baby! 

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