Friday, 6 April 2012

Baking the 21st century way

Call me a traditionalist but I am strictly a gal who bakes and makes using books. I love looking through the books with all their glossy pictures, I love reading the introductions and hints and tips and little stories that are part of the author's story. I like the feel of books and looking at them on my kitchen book shelf. 

Today I broke with tradition and baked using my laptop:

 It got a bit messy. And a lot frustrating as the laptop was taking up precious worktop space and my awareness of needing to keep it away from flying ingredients was making me hyper clumsy. Only a few splatters hit the screen...hopefully I got all the ingredients in the right order and the chocolate simnel cake to eat over the long Easter weekend will be as delicious as it looks in the photo. Only baking time will tell. 

There has to be a way of incorporating the laptop into your cooking though. I'm sure lots of people use the internet for recipes etc - do you print them out and then use them? Do you keep the laptop in another room and have an able kitchen assistant to call out the ingredients and instructions? I have a really teeny kitchen, there's no space for a table for the laptop to live safely away from flying ingredients. How does everyone else do this 21st century baking and making? Feel free to share...

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Huge said...

iPad. Especially with the Epicurious app. Sure, it still gets caked in flour, but it's far easier to wipe off the keys.