Friday, 20 April 2012

Scotland the brave

Last weekend I braved first class train travel to head up to bonnie Scotland to spend the weekend with Fizz in her homeland. The journey up there is amazing, I was like a 5 year old, nose pressed to the window, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the gorgeous scenery and beautiful blue skies. Also in the carriage were some of the POSHEST people I have ever heard, they may have been related to the Queen they spoke so posh! And I got free tea and coffee and I could have had sandwiches and flapjacks and crisps but I wasn't hungry - shocker!

First up, bet you didn't know that Fizz has the most amazing view from her house, literally the whole sea! Well okay, maybe not the whole sea but it certainly felt like that as I threw open the blinds each morning:
Not only that but the tiny wee village has a windmill, a church, and a ruined castle! 
We spent a lot of time walking and exploring and showing off various sights and hidden beaches and lovely towns.
We ate loads of yummy food, often too much yummy food, but we found the most amazing salad bar in St Andrews. Should you ever find yourself there I'd highly recommend the minted broad beans, the tex-mex tuna, and a regular freshly squeezed apple juice. And there's some crackin' charidee shops there with some very bargainous items with big labels but small prices. Gotta love richie-rich towns! 

Did I mention that I took the sunshine with me? Every single day the sun shone, it was glorious blue skies, the weather was truly amazing. Scotland is not exactly famous for its sunny days and blue skies so this was something of a miracle. Clearly I am the sunshiney blue sky bringer. 

On our final day we had a very special date with this dude:
Maybe it was the blue sky or the sunny day but all the animals were on top form. The sun bear did a biiiiig stretch in front of me, the lions were grooming each other and having some quality time together, the wolf was hiding in his den, and the pandas were totally awesome! I never thought I'd get to see a panda so close up, the female literally walked right in front of me, well ambled more like. Utterly cool. 

Fab weekend! Thanks for having me, Fizz! 

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