Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A whole new way to shop!

It's entirely possible that I'm waaaaay behind the times but I have just discovered this whole snazzy get cashback while you shop thing and I love it! Before I buy absolutely anything online now the first thing I do is log in and see if there's a voucher or a code or how much cashback I might be able to get. And it amazes me that a lot of the places I buy from are already offering this to savvy buyers. I'm telling you it's the future! There's a smug part of me that thinks, well I might be spending x amount of pounds on some very expensive shampoo (what can I say, I'm an expensive beauty products type of gal) but if I buy through this website I'll get 5% cashback. It might not seem like much but if I take into account all the internet shopping I do throughout the year I'm sure it will soon clock up. 

I love it so much I'm going around telling everyone about it and now I'm blogging about it as well. You must all become savvy people that buy. Let's revolutionise shopping! Cos we all do it, sometimes out of necessity but often just because we absolutely love it. And we should be smart about it because money is in short supply these days and needs to be stretched as far as it can go...she says having just spent x amount on shampoo...nyeh, I spend a lot of money on my hair, it's my thang, don't shoot me for it. 

That's it really. Shopping is the best. 

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