Thursday, 22 March 2012

Surprise surprise me duck!

Considering it's only Thursday the week so far has been bite me on the arse rubbish, so imagine my sheer and utter delight to receive a text on Wednesday from the gorgeous Tizz asking me what I was up to that very evening. Immediately sacking any work that I was doing I set to texting back with are you home type shouts of glee. And she was. Plans were made. Fizz was notified. The gang were back together, yay! I absolutely love surprises, especially when they involve visits from your favouritest peeps. 

First up we had tea where I somehow managed to serve up a deeelicious pasta bake a la staple...yep somehow, we know not how, a staple appeared in Tizz's pasta! An actual staple. Oh shame on the chef. What was more surprising was that she informed me it wasn't the first time she'd ever had a staple in her dinner! Oucheroony! Weird stationery in food aside all was grand. We chatted, we drank tea, we did more chatting, we ate some chocolate, more chatting, Fizz came round, more chatting...I'm sure you get the picture. And so on until hometime, which was pretty early for us but we were both so dog tired that we almost broke jaws yawning so hard. 

Even though Tizz was going home today she came all the way into town on the stinky bus to come and meet me for lunch. More eating, more chatting, goodbye hugging and it was all over, boohoo. And what's even worse is that I have no plans to go to our fair capital and she has heaps of work and fun stuff to do so it might be July before we see each other again. JULY! This is just too woeful to even think about for too long so I shall move swiftly on to say missing you already Tizz - mwah! x

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