Sunday, 11 March 2012

Weekend of gorgeous

Friday evening at 4.30 I was outta the door at work and from that point onwards have had the nicest weekend in absolutely ages! It started out with a double date on Friday night. When I say double date I mean that there were 4 of us there, 2 of whom are a couple (that'd be us) and 2 other bods from theatre who are not a real couple but were for the evening. We took ourselves off to the new restaurant that has opened in our lovely village and had us the bestest evening. We drank lovely wine, we ate gorgeous food, we ate even more gorgeous puddings, we laughed and laughed and bitched and moaned and talked ourselves hoarse. Then we came back to our's, poured the shots of Amaretto and whiskey and continued to laugh and laugh and bitch and moan and 4 hours later when we all started yawning realised it was time to say na-nite. First ever non-double double date went off with a bang! 

Saturday rolled around to beautiful blue skies and warm weather. Warm enough to be out in the garden in a vest top warm. Beee-yoooo-tiful. We spent heaps of time mooching about the garden, pulling up weeds, digging over veg patches, and general tidying up like what you do in the first sunny weekend in Spring. Wavey went off to visit the ratbags and I kicked my feet up and read a magazine for an hour or so before we headed to an early evening film at our local independent cinema outlet to watch "Like Crazy" which was a very fine, very poignant film that didn't have a happy ending but it didn't really matter. We came home and ate yummy soup and drank some more wine and that was the end of Saturday. 

Today was even more beautiful blue skies and even warmer weather! I'd like to say we did loads of work in the garden but we didn't. We sat on the bench and enjoyed the sunshine, yippee! We visited the old folk, we did a bit more mooching, we bought a radiator for the bathroom, we painted some paint samples on the wall in the bathroom, and I baked a banana and gingerbread slice, which is low fat so we can eat as much as we like, more yippee!

Now it's Sunday evening. I've had more wine. A yummy dinner and can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow. Bummer. But only 4 days at work this week as we have a day off on Friday and we're going to sleep in a castle! Heeee, very excited! 

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