Saturday, 10 March 2012

Olympic (fun and) games

We'd planned on the whole London 2012 thing completely passing us by until we realised that we need a hotel room in London the night before our holiday, which happens to be during the Paralympic Games. And cue total nightmare. Most of the hotels would only take bookings of 3 nights or more, even the cheap crappy just a bed and a hole in the floor for your loo! I mean come on! What a load of phooey old nonsense! Mucho flapping around and pressing of many keys including the CAPS LOCK KEY AND THEN GETTING ANNOYED WIth myself... *deep breath* we've found a room! We only had to book for one night! And it's just round the corner from St Pancras where we need to be to pick up the Eurostar. 

We toyed with the idea of staying in the swanky 5* one that's actually at St Pancras, but you know what? It's full! Full! We had a quick skooch at the website and some of the suites cost £12,000. And it's full! Holey moley, that is one expensive Olympic Game ticket!

Now we just have to hope that we can find a train ticket down to London that doesn't cost the earth and will guarantee a seat rather than the perch outside the heavily used loo. Oh happy days...

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