Monday, 5 March 2012

Snap(py) Happy

The estate agent guy came to take photos of my old house today to put it on the market. Not quite sure what I was expecting but he was there, ooh let's see, approximately 10 minutes. In out snap it all about! I had to chuckle. We've spent weeks doing it up, taking care to do the big jobs right through to the teeny tiny patching up that we hope no-one will see. I spent several hours in serious thinking time, visualising how I was going to tart it up, which colour I would use for accessories, we must have spent a good couple of hours in there cleaning yesterday, and he took 10 minutes! Sheesh. 

It's funny, when you're looking for a house you spend hours trawling the web, arranging appointments, going to see them for first maybe second viewings. And then when you start to buy it seems to take forever, all that red tape and paperwork you have to trawl through. But to put a house up for sale? 10 minutes. Who knew?! 

I don't really know what happens now. I had chance to ask a few questions before he was sweeping out the door to his next appointment like some kind of estate agent superhero. From what I could gather, he sends me the stuff with all the photos etc for me to approve, they put a board up, it goes on the internet and then I erm wait. Patiently. Obviously I'm hoping it does sell, and quickly would be nice. But I've made a promise to myself to not obsess about it as I reckon it could seriously make your mind boggle. It's a nightmare out there, the market has shrunk dramatically, the mortgage happy days when they were throwing money at people left right and centre no longer exists, and it's a buyers market. 

*Fingers crossed*

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