Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bang! Bang!

Yesterday was not your average Saturday because yesterday T and I went clay pigeon shooting. As you do. It was a Groupon offer and at a bargainous £12 each how could we resist such an opportunity?! Especially as it was something I'd always wanted to try after watching the posho toffs do it on 'Made in Chelsea'. 

In separate cars we headed off to the shooting ground only to weirdly find ourselves meeting up at exactly the same time, in the same gateway, in a teeny tiny village called Thimbleby. In trying to find the place we drove through the same ford twice (a first for Zippy, water driving - woooo!) and battled with several 4 wheel drive ho-ray Henry cars to get to the place. The guy who was teaching us was super nice and most importantly super patient to two very giggly girls shooting a gun for the very first time, not that you would think this from our photos, we totally look like we shoot stuff all the time:

 T went first and naturally managed to hit almost every clay that was pulled, including more than one pair. Jumping about with excitement and grinning wildly from ear to ear we were, it's fair to say, incredibly excited by the whole thing. I was next up and told Dave, our tutor, that he should have let me go first as he was now only building himself up for disappointment. However, that wasn't the case at all. I shot 4! And I shot one pair! Not too shabby at all *proud*

The equipment was heavy (the gun weighed in at 8.5 pounds), the ear muffs were tight, and the shoulder harness thing barely went round my ample bod, but the best of all was my glasses. The style of new glasses means you find yourself looking over the top of the lenses when staring up at the sky waiting for clay pigeons to fly by, so I got me a super nifty glasses pusher upper - so sexy, check it out...

You probably can't see too clearly but what I have going on there is an earplug with some sellotape wrapped round it so that my eyes are barely visible, sheesh :D

All in all though, it was a totally excellent afternoon! Much as I would love to take it up as a hobby at £55 a lesson that might be one that we have to shelve until we're super rich and have a 4 wheel drive giant beastie car, a Barbour jacket, some Hunter wellies, and a jolly big gun. Bang! Bang! 

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