Thursday, 17 November 2011

You're terrible Muriel...

A couple of months ago Wavey and I joined a gym. It's quite an expensive gym and it's really rather snazzy with its 3 different swimming pools, 3 studios, a running track round the outside, and hundreds of machines. Initially we were really good and were going for a swim and going to the gym and doing this and trying this class. You can already see where this is going can't you? 

We have already started to lose interest. This is bad. Very bad. We promised ourselves we would use it as it does cost quite a bit, and that we'd be good and we'd only eat good food. Somehow it never takes very long for all good intentions to fall by the wayside. This is fundamentally because we are fat knackers by nature. We love food, all food, puddings are yummy, icecream pretty much is the cure for all of life's ills, chocolate helps with that too...and biscuits...and definitely cake. And because we eat all that food cos it's so yummy and we often need to cure rubbish days at work by eating yummy icecream, we really need to go to the gym. 

Tonight's the night. We've even shaken hands and agreed that we're going to the gym later on. Even though I'm actually kinda tired and Wavey's been away for the last couple of days doing more jet setting and this is right up there as one of the worst work weeks of all time, it MUST BE DONE! Or else we are terrible people, just like Muriel.

Wisely we only signed up for the minimum time of 6 months because we know that we're terrible at staying motivated. I need me a motivator! Perhaps a picture of some yummy cake and a giant wobbly arse (it's the word of the week!) is the way forward? Get thee to the gym fat knackers! Get thee! 

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Librarian Girl said...

Way behind of blog reading but I have to comment, even if it's late, to say nicely done on the Muriel's Wedding reference. Love it!