Thursday, 24 November 2011

Festive and merry

I can't lie, I totally love Christmas! I love the sparkly lights, the gift giving, the gift receiving, the huge dinners, the brussel sprouts, and all that luscious time off work. Which is why I jumped at the chance to attend a Christmas Fayre at poshy posh hall with my ma. And what a lovely afternoon. Much of it was spent walking round poshy posh hall gawping at the amazing ceilings and the beautiful rooms, so nice!

There was a really good variety of stalls too with everything from jewellery to food and wine and cakes and children's toys and handmade bags that cost £195 (one day...) and bespoke furniture that cost £599, which they can do in any fabric for you madam except silk of course *posh chortle chortle laughter* That was one end of the spectrum, there were some very affordable stalls and I got some lovely presents that are unusual and handmade and that little bit special which is always one of my aims when gift giving. 

There was one stall that had the most fabulous tights on it and I'm a total sucker for tights. I was so excited until I turned them over to find that they cost £33!! Yep £33!! I just laughed out loud, I wasn't sure what else to do. The stall owner immediately came to see if the mad woman laughing out loud needed any assistance near her tights that must surely be made with threads of gold for them to cost that much. Oh they're very good tights she assured me...maybe they are but I'm famous for destroying tights in one wear, imagine how utterly gutted you would be if you paid £33 for a pair of tights only for them to break after one wear. Methinks not.

After such a lovely afternoon listening to carols and wandering around all the lovely stalls I'm feeling very festive. I'm resisting putting the Christmas music on, but not for much longer. It's only a handful of days away now....merry merry yay!

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