Saturday, 19 November 2011

Girlie girl

I was happily working away at theatre this morning, doing a bit of painting, touching up a bit where we'd missed the other night when someone uttered the dread words "can you just hammer that in for me?" Nooooooo! I am so incredibly utterly pants when it comes to hammering stuff. I inevitably end up bashing my thumb more than the nail I'm trying to hit and am frankly just a total girl about it all. I succeeded at getting 2 nails in without bashing my thumb too much but by the 3rd it was total thumb bash time. The final straw was when the nail pinged out of the piece of hardboard, flew up, and bashed me on the forehead. Owwwwwww. I almost threw down the hammer in a total pouting hissy fit but managed to be grown up about it and placed it on the ground before stomping around declaring how useless I am at hammering!

Luckily the next option was a staple gun that you plug in. Awesome! It wasn't all plain sailing, took at least 5 staples before one got all mangled up inside and we had to take it apart. I only had to do that 3 more times before the job was done. Or so I thought. Oh just cut that gaffer tape in half....the stickiest tape ever! Thankfully a kind hearted soul came to my rescue and told me to stick the tape to the side of an aluminium ladder and slice it with a knife - genius! What with that, laying some lino, and the hanging of the door, I think I managed to re-gain some of my lost pride from the hammer incident. 

The thing of it is, I'm such a girl when it comes to stuff like that. I can use the whizz whizz screwdrivers and can even drill a hole or two as long as it's not too complicated, but hammering, sawing, slicing, dicing, and all the other stuff we do, not a chance! I'm far too clumsy to be let loose with a saw of any kind. Some of the tools we have are downright scary and I always avoid. But I'm super good at holding bits of wood whilst people saw stuff. And I am a demon painter. But power tools and me? Nope. Total girl.

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