Monday, 7 November 2011


I had a really exciting phone conversation tonight! My bestie friend from university days was calling to tell me that she's moving. At the moment she lives down in London town which feels like the longest distance away, we only see each other every few months and because we lead such busy lives we're terrible at phoning each other regularly. We text and email and are lucky to be  such great besties that even if we didn't speak for months, hell years even, we would just pick up exactly where we left off and start gossiping and basically not shut up for about, oooh 3 days. So there's the background, now to the news. They're moving up north! I think we both squealed with excitement! 

She will be literally just down the road. Okay slight exaggeration as she's not moving next door (now that would be totally awesome!) but she's going to be so much closer. In the same town as my sister lives actually and we often go over there and come back in the same day. And we'll be able to meet halfway and do ladies days out in like Leeds or York. Basically she and her fabby little family will be so much more in our lives which is just the bestest news for besties ever! And we all get on so well. They've only met Wavey a couple of times when they've been up to stay, but like tonight, he answered the phone and they gossiped for about 10 minutes whilst I sat on the sofa waiting patiently...until I'd had enough of waiting and just went and stood by the phone demanding my turn my turn! 

I'm so incredibly chuffed that I have this huge smile on my face that's been there since the phone call. Yay! Yippee! Woooo to besties making sound decisions like leaving that evil London town and moving back oop north where the great and good live :O)


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