Monday, 14 November 2011

Old...but much loved

This my friends is the very definition of battered:

It may not be evident at first glance but it is actually a purse. My purse to be precise. A once red and shiny and lovely new purse that is now battered, falling to pieces, the cards no longer stay in the slots, the zip is starting to break, and the popper went so long ago it's been held together by an equally battered hair bobble for at least 2 years. For the longest time I've carried on using my purse, not at all ashamed by it being held together by a hair bobble but I always knew there would be a time to say goodbye and I think that time is now. 

It's a good job it's near Christmas as I'm going to ask my sister to buy me a new one. I think I prefer to pass the job along as I'm so reluctant to say farewell to this one. It has truly served me well. I think it was a gift too so it will be nice to replace it with another gift. 

I know of several people who will be utterly thrilled to see my battered old purse go. Not mentioning any names (Miss Cat) but there are some who actually shudder at the sight of my sad old purse. How can something so well loved cause such offense? 

So there you have it. I like to take a picture of these things for the blog so that they continue to live on. Old...but much loved. 

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Anonymous said...

Not offence, just... despair. I will pause for a moment to mourn its passing, and then rejoice and celebrate the dawn of the New Purse era.