Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Evolving a system

There are many reasons why I will never be a manager. The list is long but includes my inability to keep my mouth shut before engaging my brain, lack of any real ambition (particularly in current role), a tendency to wear unsuitably short skirts in my place of work, and lack of any experience that would actually help in such a role. But these are not the biggest reasons. No, the biggest reason is because I could never ever ever ever bring myself to use "management speak". And it seems (again I can only refer to my own place of work here) that as soon as one becomes a manager one must also throw around all these bat shit crazy words that mean absolutely nothing and make most of us cringe inside.

My response to these words? Arse. Total and utter arse. 

To be fair, it's been an utterly rotten day and maybe by tomorrow I won't feel a need to use the word arse quite as much, but today it's been peppered all over my conversations. And with very good reason I might add. I shake my head at the bonkers-ness and wonder again and again how I managed to end up here, with no prospects, and very little hope of finding gainful employment elsewhere (2.62 million unemployed according to today's figures). Best not to dwell really. Ho hum and all that jazz. 

So for tomorrow my main challenge will be how to "evolve a system". And to significantly reduce the number of times I say arse. Best get a few out of the way now then: arse arse arse arse ARSE.

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