Saturday, 12 November 2011

The horrid purple room

Before I begin I'm going to do a quick apology in case anyone reading this has chosen the following colour in any room in their house. Colour is a very personal thing and I in no way mean any offense. I love purple. Just not in a teeny tiny bathroom. 

Now I can begin. When I moved into Wavey's house almost every room was beige apart from this tiny little bathroom that's out the back of the kitchen which was purple. With green ivy stencilled in each corner. And green accessories. Even the ceiling was purple! And so it was dark and dingy and pretty nasty and it was basically used as a storage facility. Since the arrival of the Man Shed last year, a lot of the stuff has been moved and now lives in its rightful place outside and we've been meaning to tackle this little bathroom for ages, bought the paint months ago. I finally decided I was just going to get on and do it. There's really only room for one person in there anyway as it's teeny weeny so tackling it alone wasn't that big a deal. 

When it's finished it's going to be fab. The ceiling will be white. The woodwork will be lovely gloss white and the walls are going to be Lemon Sorbet, a bright bright yellow. I have great faith that it will really open up the space, brighten it up and make it look absolutely fab. And because it's so close to the garden I have a lot of plans to make it a kind of indoor garden space. I know that sounds weird but trust me, it will look faberoony. But when I started this morning it didn't look fab. Grotty radiator, with bits of plasterwork underneath, the strange shade of lilac/purple on every single wall as the photos show below:

A good solid day of work put in later I've put two coats of white on the ceiling, glossed every surface that needed glossing, re-painted the radiator and started on the walls. There's still a lot left to do but already it's looking so much more brillo! I will post a pic when it's finally all done and dusted and you can either enjoy the brightness or scream at the awfulness, cos it really all depends how you feel about yellow. I won't take offense...

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