Monday, 30 May 2011


It's another bank holiday bonanza, yeh-eh-ehhhhhh! And how have we celebrated this extra day off? Well by mostly sleeping. In the 3 days that we've been off we've slept nearly 12 hours every night which means a grand total of 36 hours sleeping over 72 hours, eeep! You reckon we have sleeping sickness? Nah I just think it's a combination of all of the events from last week, listed in no particular order:
  • attending a child's birthday party (admittedly only for 1 hour and a few extra minutes) which involved meeting a whole new side of the family and only a little eeep-y for l'il ole me...
  • not one but two parties (one of which I organised) to say farewell to my boss who has cracked up a stonking 29 years in libraryland, wowsers!
  • entertaining in-laws (do they count as in-laws if not married? That's surely a question for another post) and making them dinner after also playing all day entertaining at above parties
  • working til 1 in the am, yep you read that right, 1 in the AM. Not me of course, sheesh nothing in libraryland is that much of an emergency. But Wavey had some kind of car emergency situation and had to work til that time to try to fix Russia or something, and when it still wasn't fixed he had to get up at like half 5 to get to work for just after 6 to mend it. That my friends was a night of not much sleep for us both :( could explain the 12 hour sleeps since though...
  • experiencing Tesco on a Sunday - family BARGE!
  • experiencing B&Q on the same Sunday - couples BARGE!
  • taking giant curtains back to Dunelm - curtains BARGE!
  • Getting yet another pair of new glasses that are still taking time to adjust to. The Dizz ma reckons that I've had rubbish pair for years and am obviously just getting used to seeing SO FAR!
  • Mucho stress at work for us both (Russia broken - eeeep!) and managers leaving and having lots of work to pass down even though I'm like 4 grades lower...all in all, nuff said really: bonkers week!
But I think 36 hours of sleep shall stand us in good stead to face this week all belts and braces and happy joyous smiles as well, we go in holiday in 2 weeks time - WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

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