Sunday, 22 May 2011

21st October 2011

I've just found out this is Judgement Day, the world is going to end in 5 months. Shit man, if this is the case I fully intend to live the next 5 months in a state of drunken debauchery and sinful happenings...why didn't anyone tell me before now?!

In all seriousness though, the website that I looked at advised that we start to stock up on canned goods and bottled water, so best book a trip to Tesco before that day. Should we start building a shelter too do you think? Might be able to fit one under the stairs if we move the books. Then again we might need books too. However as Wavey has just pointed out, if the world is going to end why do we need water? And canned goods? Will they be for the "other side"...

Good job we're fitting in a holiday before the end of the world too, I'd hate to think I'd missed out on my jollies. Maybe I should squeeze in another one before then too. There is one positive thing out of all this, I knew that pension idea was a load of bollocks, no point saving for the next 5 months only for it all to go poof in a big ball of smoke, or whatever is going to happen. Shopping spree!

If anyone wants to join us in our shelter be sure to bring your own canned goods. I'm like Joey, Dizz doesn't share food!

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Huw said...

Yes, but according to the chap who said that, yesterday was supposedly the rapture, when all good Christians would be taken up to meet Jesus. Now, I don't actually know that many good Christians but as far as I'm aware, that didn't happen. That said, Harold Camping, the bloke who worked it out hasn't been heard from since the rapture, so maybe it did happen. Or maybe he's just sitting at home, a tad embarrassed and not talking to anyone.

Judgement day would be preceded by five months worth of fire, earthquakes, and general torment and torture. All I can say about today is that it's a bit breezy, but apart from that it all seems OK.