Friday, 3 June 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

The past two days have been utterly fabby. The sun has appeared and it's been hot hot hot. It's a total bummer that now on Friday we're heading towards the weekend and the weather forecast is not that great. But hey, I'm feeling good that for the past 2 days we've been able to enjoy it as much as we can. Each lunchtime has seen us outside on our green picnic blanket, sat on the wee hill outside work, enjoying our sandwiches and basking in the rays. It's been really hard to motivate ourselves to go back inside the gloom that is libraryland - they really do need to work on some better lighting and windows for the peeps.

I've also had my breakfast outside both days! How utterly decadent is that?! The early morning sunshine has been lovely and warm, and even though the new picnic bench was slightly covered in dew it wasn't going to stop me. It truly felt like I was on holiday as breakfasting outside is something that I totally like to do when I'm en vacances as the French say. I'm allowed to say that as in oooh about 10 days we will indeedy be on our vacances in the lovely France. I seriously cannot wait!! Worked out today that we've not had that much time off since Christmas, a few days here and there but not a good chunk of relaxing lushness. But we soon will. We're setting off on the Wednesday evening, winding our way down France to our house that we've rented for a week in Bonnieux. Then we've got another week to wind our way slowly back up to our next destination of Honfleur, before heading back to Calais and the tunnel home again. Heaven!

As is usual at the first sight of the sunshine I've slapped the suntan lotion on and basked in all the glory of the heat. For someone who mainly only gets lots of freckles I am a total sun 'ho! I love it! Wavey is not so good in the sun, which should be interesting as we head towards the South of France...

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd share my sun joy. Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine wherever you might be. And let's hope that once this weekend has gone by where it goes back to being a wee bit chilly that we'll get this heatwave that they keep selling us...another BBQ summer anyone...?

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