Friday, 20 May 2011

Crushed by my crush

When I was 16 I had to start wearing glasses full time. Like any other 16 year old this was a baaaaaad idea and so it was decided by my parentals that I was allowed to wear contact lenses and off to the opticians I went. To the lovely optician. Who to my 16 year old eyes was the most lovely thing ever. I would sit in the big old black chair and he'd say right I'm just going to check your eyes with this little light thing and you have to get kinda close to do that and every time I would get a fluttery stomach. It was lovely, a proper innocent 16 year old girlie crush.

Fast forward several years and due to a saga involving my most recent glasses purchase (trust me, so incredibly boring that I would never even begin to write about it on the blog) I headed back to the old opticians. With the 16 year old girlie crush ever present in my mind I stepped through the door and into...oh my goodness can it really be...where's all his hair gone...and what's with those watery eyes...eeep! eeep! eeep! My girlie crush was no longer crush-able. He had in fact aged muchly, which of course I expected, but (and I realise this is slightly bitchy) he has not aged very well at all. Oh deary me. Tis a sad, sorry tale. This is why going back is often not a good idea. In this case however, it actually was as they were so incredibly lovely to me and have given me masses of confidence that they will sort out my glasses problem. And I've made an appointment to go back and find out about contact lenses again! Well and truly stepping back in time. It's been a looooong time since I've had bare eyes out in public!

So there you go. Through the eyes of my 16 year old self optician man was cute and made my tummy flutter. Through the eyes of my 36 year old self this was so clearly not the case. Age is a beautiful thing...

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