Monday, 2 May 2011

Absorbing like a sponge

This weekend in the bank holiday bonanza we've been absorbing things like a very absorbent sponge:


I finished the 5th in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Derek Landy - genius! Oh so good books, cannot recommend enough if you've never come across them. Wavey started on one of my all time favourites by Paul Auster, The New York Trilogy. And I'm back for my second reading of the first of the Millennium series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I knew going in that I'd need to give myself a time when I could just read and read and read as this series is highly addictive. I'm about halfway through already, though haven't quite gone to the lengths Wavey did when he re-read them and have actually spoken to those around me...

The big screen in the corner:
  • We finished "Life" OMG total genius. Thanks so much to T&G for the recommendation and happy to pass on my own: funny, smart, sassy, highly likeable characters, sunny LA, heaps of fruit, what's not to love?!
  • We already knew that as soon as "Life" was done we'd be straight on to "Mad Men" series 4, have had it lined up for ages. 3 episodes in and we're right back there in cocktail hour, amazed yet again by how much they drink and smoke and readjusting to the oh so cringeworthy 1960s attitudes
  • Some mighty fine BBC drama in the shape of "Exile". From the cast I knew this was going to be very promising and it didn't fail. Jim Broadbent is always brilliant, John Simm - well he's been the Master in Dr Who, he is an extremely fine actor and I read somewhere the other day that all the other actors who are the same age as him are basically gutted as he gets all the parts they want. Nuff said really
  • Oh and speaking of the Doctor, how good was the 2nd ep of this series! I was mighty impressed by River Song spinning round and round and round and shooting up all them aliens, she's ace she is. But not as ace as the Pond of course
  • Hooked on the news, from crazy to bigger crazy. Friday was of course the wedding wedding wedding and today Bin Laden is dead, cuts to interviews from all the powers that be, do the usual noisy spit (phooo) at the sight of Cameron, shake head at Miliband's naive comment that this could be the end and sit back utterly flabberghasted at the sights of so many people chanting "USA USA.." outside the White House. Erm...

Vitamin D:

Well the sun has been shining all weekend and I checked Google and it says that's what we absorb from sunlight. I'm covered in freckles, Wavey still has a red nose, and my hair that was only coloured on Friday is actually starting to look blonde in places!

  • As I mentioned yesterday, bit of the Tel Wogan on Radio 2
  • Sara Cox on Radio 1
  • 6 Music as always, with everyone ranging from Jarvis Cocker to Lauren Laverne. Oh 6 Music you have a very special place in my heart
Paint fumes:

In anticipation of the next painting project I've painted 2 coats of Lemon Sorbet in the teeny downstairs bog to cover up the hideous stencilled ivy. Seriously? Stencilling? No no no no. I also went back to my upcycling and painted the rest of the laundry basket white. Just got to wait for it to dry and then I'll be ready to transform it for the next phase of its life (and we can finally stop using black bin liners for dirty clothes!)

Reckon that's about it really. It's been another super fine bank holiday bonanza and I'm rather upset that I have to go back to work tomorrow :( Still only another 3 weeks to go before it's the next bank holiday...

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tizz said...

You have been super productive, I'm feeling the shame...