Wednesday, 11 May 2011


It's 12.34pm on a Wednesday afternoon, I'm not on holiday but I'm not at work. It's a free day off! There's been a huge power failure at work that initially affected the whole campus, they managed to get most of the buildings back up and running but the library is going to be down for most of the day probably. What to do with all the staff? Well first we had to go to a different building and we all sat around gossiping and laughing and drinking coffee which was a nice start to the day. Then the powers that be came over to tell us that basically we had to go home. I put my hand up and say though that I did volunteer to cover the front door to inform students, but I said I could do the first slot only otherwise I'd have to hang around in town all day. That slot had already gone...shame. So here I am. Sat at home. Blogging. It's awesome! There's nothing like a free day off.

But I've not been idle. I got a lift home which was rather ace and G collected some plants, taking her pick of sweetcorns, along with a Russian Giant sunflower, and some African Crackerjack marigolds. Then I washed up (oh proper shame, someone in the house and we hadn't washed up from the night before and we had smelly tuna so the whole house probably stinks of fish, groooooaaaannn *hangs head* my mother would be appalled) I've emptied some seriously full rubbish bins and put out the recycling, I've put some washing on, I plan on changing the bedding, and I might even consider ironing if I've got time, as I do have to head off to meet Wavey at Sunderland station for a trip to Ikea due to a serious shortage of wine glasses, and that my friends is a very serious business indeedy.

I could get into this. I wonder what it's like to work a 4 day week, like really, not just because of bank holidays and free days off. I can see it would deffo have its upside in that you could do all the jobs that you normally do on a weekend and then you'd have the whole weekend for fun stuff and playtime. But I wonder if they'd still make you do 5 days worth of work in the 4 days? I don't know how that kind of funny hours thing works, being a full time bod and pretty much always have been since I graduated first time round. See how my mind wanders?

Anyhoo, with that busy agenda I best step away from the blog and up to the bedroom to change the bedding. I fully intend to take full advantage of this free day (thank you power failure) so that we can play play play at the weekend, yippeee!

Thanks for stopping by folks :O)

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