Sunday, 1 March 2015

The little magic pot

Cardboard, newspaper, bubble wrap, packing tape, constant washing up, cold weather, hot rooms - all of the above have played absolute havoc with my hands in the past couple of weeks. The result is hands that look like they belong to someone who is 107 and worked outdoors every day of their lives. Dry, cracked, red, and downright sore! Not good at all. I tried various handcreams and the like but to no avail. And then I remembered this little pot:

Don't be fooled by the simple packaging - this little pot holds magical properties! I've been lathering it on first thing on a morning and then last thing at night and slowly but surely my 107 year old hands are slowly starting to resemble the hands that are in fact 40 years old. I'm declaring it - this pot is a little pot of magic! 

The magic didn't stop there. As well as hands of 107 year old people, I also had shins that were soooo itchy I wanted to tear all my skin off, until this little magic pot stepped up to the podium. Three nights with this little gem smothered all over my legs just before bed and they have been restored to normal Winter legs *happy dance* 

Today some little critter bit me in the garage so I've tried putting it on that too. Basically, any ailment of any kind now and this little pot of magic is my go to. I'm already getting worried as it's almost at scraping the barrel stage, definitely time for a new order. 

I've checked their website out and the company are all kinds of fab. The little pot of magic is made right here in Britain, they are BUAV approved, they have won several awards, the product contains nothing chemical or nasty in it at all...are you feeling the love right there? MOA: it's magic and marvellous, and it's under a tenner! 

If my rave review hasn't convinced you, pop on over to their website here and have a look for yourself. Highly recommended. 

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