Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Brighton Belles

I first encoutered Brighton when I was a student in London a hundred years ago. I had two friends who were from down that way and I used to get the coach from London (£7 day return!), meet them there, and we'd spend the whole day running in and out of the waves on the pebbley beach and exploring the Laines. I loved it every single time and always knew I would be back. And I was. The weekend just gone.

As a kind of belated birthday celebration I arranged a girls weekend away with my Brighton Belles, call them my main ladies: Fizz, Tizz, and Deb-izz. Sadly, Fizz couldn't join us as she was struck down by the f-cold that may be a little like the f-bomb in that it almost flattened her (out). Boo to the hoo. Sad as we were, we couldn't let it stop us from having the best of times. 

So much fun times. We walked (miles), we explored, we ate outrageously expensive 99 icecream cones (surely a 99 is supposed to be 99p and not £2.50...?), we ate soup out of jars, drank cocktails, walked (more miles), hunted for legs, ate stacks of yummy food, waaaay too much cake (I think my cake hangover came in at 2 days, still feel a bit queasy when I think about it to be honest), had lots of laughter and fun and all round happy times. Here's some visuals:

I had the best weekend. Big thanks to my Brighton Belles for agreeing to join me, and roll on the next annual trip, cos we totally decided that we have to have an annual ladies trip away now. Now I'm just counting down the days until my next trip when I get to see the ever fab Miss Tizz in fair London town. See you soon, lady!


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