Friday, 27 February 2015

The working man

It's week two in the new house and for the next 3-4 weeks we essentially have workmen coming in to do stuff every week. Luckily, as I work part time from home this isn't too much of a problem but as I sit here typing away, I always wonder about the workmen. What do they think as they go about the house doing their thing with all their tools and chargers and big vans parked outside - do they think that desk work is for wimps?

I grew up in a working household. My Pops is a mechanic and since he was 15 he has worked with his hands every single day, including weekends as he ran his own business for many of my growing up years. And now, even though he's supposed to be retired, when he's not at his job for the 2 days he still does, he's in his garage, working on one of his cars or a car for someone else. All my life he's worn overalls and smelled slightly of oil and petrol fumes. He genuinely doesn't understand 'blokes' who work from a desk all day. 

I work with my hands quite a lot in my free time, painting and building at the theatre, but in my work time I'm a desk-bod. I go to work in my little work outfits and I spend much of the day answering emails and wading through paperwork. When I work from home, I might be dressed more casually (never in my PJs I hasten to add!) but I'm still tap-tap-tapping away for much of the day. It's an odd life. Sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to spend all day doing the painting and building thing, but I'll bet in reality it's cold and makes you ache like a demon. 

I often wonder what my niece and nephew will do when they work. At the moment nephew wants to be a professional basketball/football player and niece wants to be a teacher/YouTube star. Diverse then...less and less people work with their hands and more and more people are deskbound. I have no idea where I'm going with this, it's just some random Friday thoughts for you. What do you think? Is desk work for wimps? Will bloggers and YouTubers eventually take over the world and we'll all be working from our homes having no makeup days and talking to a camera? Will workmen/women cease to exist? But how will we learn plumbing skills?! Yikes! 

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