Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Do Over

Oh Wednesday, what did I do to deserve today? What a day! Grand plans were planned, I was going to Stokesley with my Ma, I was meeting one of my learners from my job to get some signatures, we were going to eat cake and drink tea and wander aimlessly in the Spring sunshine. NUH-UHHHH! My car wouldn't start! Zzhum zzhum zzhum ... Nothing. Kaput. Poor little Zippy. He's totally sulking as he's been parked up for days whilst I've been away. There'll be a serious talking to and jump leads later. 

Next up let's talk evil bitey creatures/critters. Something of said evil bitey nature has munched on me good and proper. And where are these delightful bitey things? One is smack bang in the centre of my forehead and is bright red, sore, and SO ITCHY I WANT TO MAUL MY FACE OFF! The other one is on my eyelid. My eyelid! I mean, what?! So hurty *sad face* With both of those things combined my upper head looks like some sort of demonic red and swollen thing. Nice! 

While we're at it, what is with this cold? This cold will not die! I swear I've had it for the whole of Winter now. Today I have spent £13 of my hard earned cash in some echinacea in an attempt to get it gone and good! Enough already. Like seriously. 

So that is Wednesday. Good times or what? Should have just stayed in bed...

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