Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow

A few weeks ago now I posted about my shampoo ponderings and whether I was brave enough to make some radical changes to my hair routine. Brave has happened. And it truly is radical. I'm a little bit scared but also a bit excited about this hair freedom.

Since posting I have stopped using shampoo. I did a whole heap of research about this, jumping from blog to forum to website. In the end I found a truly great website for curly girls and I took my advice from there. I haven't gone down the baking soda route, mainly as I was nervous about what this would do to my scalp. The whole point of this exercise is to try to restore my very damaged scalp to some kind of normality and there were a few alarm bells from people with similar scalp conditions to mine. Instead I am now using conditioner to "wash" my hair. And I am also combing it through on a night to stimulate my scalp too. In terms of how my hair looks, I think it's fair to say it's transitioning. I'm mainly keeping it tied up as the combing is making it Hermione-bushy. I have invested in a big head scarf and become slightly obsessed with Pinterest and bandana styles. I am grateful that Wavey is used to my slightly bonkers ideas and has barely raised an eyebrow over my slightly crazy hair, definitely a distinct advantage to this exercise to start out with big crazy hair in the first place. I am still only half way committed as am using up hair products that are chemical based but have taken more advice from the curly girl website and am now putting this in whilst my hair is soaking wet and leaving it wrapped to dry. 

The next radical thing is that I have cancelled my hairdresser. I have found a health food store that sells natural hair dyes and will be going back to dying my own hair using these. I am highly nervous about this but I truly feel that it's time to make this change. I have yet to try this but will let you know how it goes! 

Products wise I have found this really great company called Jason who have been committed to natural beauty since 1959. So far I am using their conditioner and have just started on their Aloe Vera face moisturiser which is lush and silky and my skin is really loving it. It feels so good to be doing this. I want to be responsible and avoid chemicals and I want to still look good whilst doing it. There's a lot of people out there who have really inspirational stories and look fabulous. Here's hoping...

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