Friday, 16 August 2013

The (non) Working Week

So I'm still not working, but I'm not not working if you get what I mean. This week, Monday to Friday, I have:

*Painted a bench and a pathway:

*Completed two projects that have been waiting in the wings for quite some time:

*Voluntarily completed two exercise programmes

*Agreed to project manage (eep!) all the house stuff and repairs that are needed

*Applied for one job, and spent the last 20 minutes trying not to hit the table out of sheer frustration whilst trying to apply for a second as their web application process is clearly in some kind of jam nightmare and will not proceed past page 2! I shall return to this again today in an attempt to get to at least page 3

*Enjoyed lunch with old friends and looking forward to a coffee and catch-up with a new friend from the evil-job-that-was

*Dined on noodles, cos Wavey was away

*Discovered that there is a place not that far away from here who are making entirely natural beauty products. And they don't cost a fortune. I am definitely looking into that more closely

*Contemplated making my own beauty products. But where does one find shea butter and how do you grate butter? These are questions that may never be answered

*Admitting to being a bit fed up and bored due to lack of job. Gave in to it for the afternoon yesterday but trying to "keep pecker up" (direct quote from Ma)

*Started sorting out stuff for our holiday in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! Yippee! 

*The End. 

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