Monday, 5 August 2013

Shampoo Wars

I keep on stumbling across all these blog posts and pins where people are switching to no poo. The first time I read it I thought say what? People really will write about anything these days! But I quickly realised that it actually meant saying no to (sham)poo. Ah, light bulb moment. The more I read about it the more intrigued I am and the more I think I would like to try it, but there are so many buts! 

First of all, if you switch to no poo then you're essentially saying no to chemical products and trying to restore natural oils to your hair. But if you say no to those chemicals then what about all the other stuff? Could I live without hair products? Squeal. Not so sure about that. Plus I have my hair dyed like every 6 weeks and I'm a slave to loving my colour, but that is big style chemicals. Yesterday I read that someone uses organic henna on her hair to keep it red and it did look really good. It's a bit of a battle for my barnet! 

Do I go whole hog and say no to all chemicals even though my hair would look like a crazy thing without product. Do I go low poo and switch to a no sulphate shampoo and seek out organic hair products. Do I say sack all this no poo bonkers and keep on with this chemical madness. Tis a tricksy one for sure. It's fair to say that I do spend a fortune on my hair, but it's a big part of who I am. Literally big. But the articles I have read seem really positive and their hair does look amazing....the real question is am I brave enough to try it? Watch this space...

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